Handmade Sharon Alpren Mug


Wrap both hands around this oversized mug. Originally designed as a soup mug, we find it is the perfect vessel for a large cup of Mörk.

Approximately 6.5cm high and 10cm diameter. Each piece is individually made so size and pattern may vary slightly.

Hand made on the pottery wheel using high fired stoneware clay.
Available in grey speckle, charcoal black and ash. Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

About the artist:
Sharon Alpren is a Melbourne potter. Originally from the UK, Sharon left a carrier in fashion and homewares for Australia and her love for clay and pottery. Intrigued by the process of making and the nature of ceramic materials, she lets the characteristics of the clay, the glaze and the fire direct her work. And fascinated by texture, Sharon is forever experimenting with glazes and finishes.
“I want to make pieces that are used and loved, that people pick up and touch, feel their imperfections, sense the raw, earthy materials. Pots that are inspired by ageless processes, yet are very contemporary. “